If you’ve ever attend a Nigerian party, you’ll know how extravagant, amusing and flamboyant they can be! Here are 12 pictures that prove that no one else can throw a party like Nigerians can!

1. The divine taste of party jollof rice, small chops and assorted meat.

My stomach has found its soulmate and it’s Nigerian party food.

2. When everybody dresses like they are on their way to meet the president of Nigeria.

We must dress for inauguration, Oscars, Grammys, AMVCAs and MAMAs all in one night!

3. And some Nigerians will come ready to out-dress the host.

Sister, iz okay. Your own will come soon.

4. How everyone turns up when their favourite Nigerian banger comes on.

Once you hear “Sarz on the beat” or “It’s Young Jon the Wicked Producer”! It is lit!!

5. When they bring out the talking drums and the band starts to hail you.

Let it rain!

6. And if it’s your own party, you know you’re about to make some moneyyyy!

Plix, I only take dollars at this time. Tenks.

7. How some people will be arguing over party pack.

Ahn ahn… all because of party pack?

8. And those people that will be hiding food in Nylon bag!

Yes we know the food is delicious but NYLON!!? Upon all the Hermes bag you’ve been carrying!

9. And we absolutely love to have a photoshoot for every party we throw.

Just passed your first year in university? Photo shoot. Promotion at work? Photo shoot. Getting married? Pre-wedding shoot of course!

10. And even at your graduation party, you can get Nigerian celebs to come through, perform and slay lives.

Whether A-list, B-list, C-list or No-list at all, every photo-op is necessary.

11. Only Nigerians can have a themed-party for a wedding.

Amusement park meets wedding.

12. And if you are single and attending a Nigerian party, you just might get seized!

Soon you’ll be throwing your own Nigerian party that has Zero Competition!  Don’t forget to serve Orijin Zero!


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