1. How he sees his driving skills:

He thinks he’s acting Fast and Furious!

What his driving really looks like:

This one is madness o!

2. When he overtakes trailers with mad speed, you’re like:


3. His car, every time he comes back home.

Even his mechanic is tired of him.

4. You, when he starts blaming everything else for his bad driving.

“It’s the pot hole’s fault! I didn’t see it quickly now!”

5. You, when he’s doing James Bond on Third Mainland Bridge.

Don’t kill me for my mummy o!

6. When you now try to correct him, he’s like:

“What do you know about driving?”

7. Your mom, anytime he volunteers to take her out.

“Mr man have you finished driving yourself first?”

8. When he’s rough driving and now wants to start answering his calls again.

Is this how you want me to die?

9. How you start praying anytime you want to follow him out.

Fix it Jesus!

10. You, anytime you have to go on a long road trip with him.

Hay God!


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