Nigeria is beautiful! Yes, we said it!

Although we often complain about the bad roads, litter and often unorganised environment in our Nigerian cities/towns, there are times when we do have to give credit to Nigeria for it’s beauty and this is one of them!

1. This breathtaking shot of Obudu mountains in Cross River

My God!

2. The aerial view of Bonny Island

So much green! So much space!

3. The forever beautiful Jos

Always? Beautiful?

4. River Niger bridge in Onitsha

Potentially the perfect shot in a Nollywood movie! Not every time big mansion with white pillars in Lekki oh.

5. The perfect postcard image from Kano

Northern Nigeria on fleek!

6. Another perfect image of Kano

Can we just move to Kano?

7. This traffic-free image of Ibadan is beautiful just for that reason

This could be Lagos… but only on public holidays.

8. This peaceful and well-built road in Enugu

Lagos why u no be like this?

9. The aerial view from this roundabout in Benin city

Just look at it!?

10. This picturesque roundabout in Abia

It seems Nigerians have perfected the art of building roundabouts.

Have you got any beautiful images of your Nigerian town or city? Share with us!

All images from Nairaland Featured image from jujufilms


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