1. When your mom told you your stomach would pain you if you sit down on a mortar.

…because you  sat on it that morning!

2. When you started your period and your mom said you’ll get pregnant if a boy touches you.

But Tunde touched me in class o!

3. When they told you not to beat your junior brother with stick or he’ll become impotent.

It doesn’t make sense!

4. When your dad told you your shadow will chase you in the midnight if you keep playing with it.

And you thought hiding would help your case.

5. When they lied that you’ll lose your voice if you spit on the road.

And you believed without evidence o!

6. When they said evil spirits will chase you if you hiss at night.

Is it that deep?

7. How you rushed your beans when your mum said it will make you very tall.

But you’re still short though!

8. You, when you swallowed an orange seed and your mom said a tree will grow in your tummy.

A whole tree in my tummy!

9. When they said your tummy will gum together if you swallow chewing gum.


10. When you were making funny faces and your grandma said your face will remain like that forever.

Ah! Abeg oh, it was just small play!


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