Sights and Sounds of Nigeria from the 50s to the 80s

October 1, 2015

Nigeria has always been a cool place to be, right from way back.

These are pictures of what Nigeria looked like — from mid 19th century to a couple of decades after that.

The McGregor Canal was dug by governor William McGregor. McGregor was a medical doctor who improved sanitary conditions in Lagos. The canal divided the island into Lagos Island and Ikoyi Island.

Kingsway Store in downtown Ibadan, during the Christmas season, circa 1964. Kingsway was the first departmental store in Nigeria, with branches in Lagos, Ibadan and Port Harcourt.

Before Shoprite, there was Kingsway Store. Picture taken in the 60s.

via Nairaland

via Nairaland

The first Nigeria Airways Crew in 1961. It was a mixed crews for several years till enough Nigerian capacity was available.

Nigeria Airways,Ikeja,1969.

Nigeria Airways

via Flickr

Delivery departure shot of Nigeria Airways Boeing 737-200 and crew, circa 1982/83.

via Flickr

via Flickr

Nigeria Airways Fokker 28 at Calabar airport in the 70s.

Calabar airport

via Nairaland

The passing out parade of the first Nigerian Women Police on April 26, 1956.

The Late Mrs. Christina Eyimofe Stallings, is the first air hostess in Nigeria. She is of Itsekiri descent. Picture taken in the 60s.

An akwete weaver from South-East Nigeria in the 1960’s.

Bobby Benson established the famous Night Club, Caban Bamboo, on Ikorodu Road (Hotel Bobby) which flourished in the 1960s. He was the first Nigerian artiste to do so.

Shehu Shagari granting a Jet Magazine interview on the eve of his Inauguration as President (Sept 30, 1979).

Then US President,Carter & wife with Shagari greeting cheering crowd from the White House balcony in 1980.

Prime Minister Tafawa Balewa with President John F. Kennedy in the United States,1961. Both assassinated in the 1960s.

Malcolm X on a visit to Nigeria in 1964. He visited Nigeria twice, and during his second visit, gave a lecture at the Trenchard Hall, University of Ibadan and was given the name ‘Omowale’.

Malcom X


Lagos Island, Nigeria in the 60s.

The only tall building in downtown Ibadan, picture taken circa 1964.

Yaba in the 60s.

via Life

via Nairaland

American singers Nina Simone & Brock Peters (actor) frisking at Tarkwa Beach in Lagos Dec 1961.

The very first Miss Nigeria, in 1957.

via Nairaland

via Nairaland

Asaba-Onitsha ferry crossing, circa 1959. Reminds you of Chinua’s Achebe’s Chike and the River, doesn’t it?

via Nairaland

via Nairaland

Bata store in the 60’s. Lagos.

via Nairaland

via Nairaland

Paul McCartney (member of the Beatles) and Fela Kuti, in 1972. Paul recorded the album “Band on the Run” with Wings, at EMI’s studio in Lagos. It was their most successful album.

Eko bridge, circa 1975.

via Nairaland

via Nairaland

The opening of the Niger/Onitsha Bridge, in 1965.

via Wiki Commons

via Wiki Commons

View of the old city of Kano from the top of the Mosque, circa 1965.

by Eric Chicago

by Eric Chicago

The internet is a treasure trove of Nigeria’s history. Take the time to search online and educate yourself.

Featured image via Time.


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