Christmas is ten days away, but it doesn’t feel that way to you because you haven’t started preparing yet. Lucky for you, we have a checklist of what to do to bring Christmas cheer into your life.

Delete your work messaging apps

Get work off your mind by deleting your email and every other work messaging app your office uses — Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, etc. Block your colleagues, too, in case they try to text you anything work-related. This is the first step to getting into the holiday mood. 

Visit that Zenith Bank roundabout

Image credit: Punch Ng

Visit the beautifully decorated Zenith Bank roundabout or any public place with over-the-top Christmas decorations. Come down from the car and enter if you can. If anybody tries to stop you, fight them.

Listen to Christmas carols

Play different Christmas carols out loud every chance you get. And sing along as loud as possible, to annoy everyone around you. You’ll soon begin to feel Christmasy. 

Go and buy your Christmas cloth 

Maybe if you buy the outfit(s) you want to wear this holiday, you’ll start to anticipate wearing them, and that will get you excited for the holidays. 

Decorate your house 

A tiny Christmas tree, Christmas lights and small ornaments around the house may be just what you need to get into the spirit of the holiday. If you don’t have money to buy even those, steal from your neighbour. 

Visit family 

Laughing, gisting, eating and generally spending time with family or friends during Christmas has a way of making you forget everything else but the holidays. If you’re alone, it would be much harder to get into the festive mood. 

Attend a children’s Christmas play 

Image credit: Greensprings school

Something about seeing little kids act out the nativity story just puts everyone in the Chritsmas mood. Maybe it’s the childish costumes, their babyish voices singing carols or amateur acting on stage. It’s so cute. 

Watch cheesy Christmas movies 

If nothing else gets you in the mood, I promise you, a cliché Christmas movie would do the trick. Especially the ones where a rich girl has to go back to her small hometown and falls in love with some poor guy right before Christmas. 

Go out and detty December 

Go for concerts, parties, brunches, game nights, etc. All you need is one lit event, and you’ll begin enjoying the holiday. Remember that outside is expensive sha. 

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