Everyone knows how finding a person to marry usually goes.

List of desirable traits in hand, you spend years – sometimes decades – wading through the dating pool in an attempt to find that one person who possesses all those traits (or most of them at least) so you can proceed to convince them to spend the rest of their life with you.

But what if you were in a position (not unlike the beast’s position from Beauty and the Beast) where you absolutely had to meet a person, fall in love, and get married in just eight weeks? What is that one trait a person has to have before you scream “YOLO” and walk down the aisle with them after just eight weeks?

We asked eight people and their answers ranged from mild to chineke god!

1) Kay says that her ideal guy would need to be level-headed.

“I would lookout for a guy who’s cool, calm, and level-headed. I’m a super chill person and cannot be with anyone that proceeds to flip tables whenever he’s upset. We are not toddlers, biko.”

2) Martha says that whoever she decides to spend forever with must have a sense of humour.

“Can you imagine anything worse than explaining jokes to your partner for the rest of your physical life? I reject it in Jesus’ name. AMEN!”

3) Biodun says his number one desirable trait in a person is spontaneity.

“My biggest problem is that I think too much. By the time I’m done thinking, the opportunity for whatever I was thinking about is long gone. I need someone to take my hand and quickly make those decisions that would usually turn me into a nervous wreck.”

4) Aanu says the most important thing to him is the other person’s bank account balance.

“Let it be clear. This does not mean that I am a gold-digger (I am a strong independent man who can take care of myself), I need my partner to be a working-class individual with their own money. I do NOT want a liability.”

5) Chioma was brutally honest about her needs when she revealed that she had to find out how good her potential partner is in bed.

“Sweetheart, would you buy a car without test-driving it first? The only thing I hate more than sad stories are sad stories that could’ve easily been avoided. Do you want to end up as yet another poorly-written blog entry talking bout, ‘Woman flees marital home and files for divorce citing husband’s non-existent sexual skills as the main reason.’? No, you don’t. Check that thing and have peace of mind. Shalom.

6) Ann says that her man must know how to throw down in the kitchen.

“Because I ain’t raising no adult babies. That’s why. How will we both go to work and come back exhausted but he’ll be waiting for me to cook because his cooking skills end with boiling eggs? Both of us need to sabi the work. Shebi, you get?”

7) Toheeb says that intelligence ranks high on his list of desirable traits.

“The only worse than being with a stubborn, hard-headed person is being with a stubborn, hard-headed person who, no matter how much you explain, can’t even understand why their behaviour is bad. You’ll die super early of high blood pressure and they’ll live on to frustrate more people.”

8) Alex says the perfect partner is one who understands the art of proper communication.

“Because I don’t want to spend the rest of my life dodging pots and lamps because my partner thinks I want to physically fight her whenever I gently confront her with something she’s done wrong.”

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