It’s no news that Nigerians are generally very badly behaved. But no one is more badly behaved than a Nigerian houseguest. If they don’t show up without telling you first, they’ll tell you they want to stay 2 days and camp in your house for 2 months. If this sounds like you here are all the ways you can fix up today.

Don’t just show up at someone’s house without at the very least 48 hours notice.

Don’t you have manners? When they now do it to you, you’ll be crying.

You can’t be eating someone’s food for two weeks and not contribute anything.

Even if it’s just bread you buy one or two times buy something.

Remember to give your hosts their space don’t wake them up at 7 am with supposed gist or for bible study.

Please keep it to yourself until a respectable hour.

You will think this one goes without saying but don’t invite your own guests to come and stay in someone else’s house.

They told you, you could stay a couple of days and you decided to invite your church members to come and stay with you.

Clean. Up. After. Yourself.

The person hosting you is not your house help. Please, brethren be guided.

If you say you are staying for 2 days please respect yourself and stay for two days.

Don’t let two days turn into two weeks have the fear of God in you.

Please always remember that the house you are staying in is not your house.

If they don’t do 5 am morning devotion in the house you are staying please don’t wake them up with morning devotion at 5.

You are not staying at a hotel you can’t be coming back to someone’s house at 2 am/ 3 am.

You’ll not start waking them up at 2 am to open gate for you. Are you not a wicked person.

If you visit every single month you’ve turned from guest to family member. Please always remember you are not a family member.

Neither are you helping your hosts pay for rent or pay NEPA bills.

Let me repeat myself your host’s house is not a hotel you can’t be making unnecessary demands.

You noticed that the whole house is eating Jollof rice for lunch and you are asking if you can have pounded yam. Who do you think you are?

Finally, please don’t forget your home training after you’ve left remember to thank your host.

Showing up at their door again in another month is not a way to say thank you.


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