After the semi-finals yesterday, nobody’s angrier than die-hard Ronaldo fans right now. If you want to make their day even worse, just do one of these things.

Wear an Argentina jersey, and shout “siuuu!”

Just walk in front of them in an Argentina jersey, and do Ronaldo’s signature celebration. You need to rub in the pain.

Show them this picture of Messi

It scattered football twitter a month ago because it’s basically two GOATs in one shot. But now, the story has changed.

Remind them that Messi has seven Balon d’Ors

If you’re in a GOAT debate with any Ronaldo fan, just know they’d ask you to bring facts. When they do, show them this picture.

Say the words “World Cup final”

Nothing can trigger them more than the fact that their fave will never lift that trophy.

Tell them you agree he’s second best

Ronaldo fans live for the GOAT debate. So throw them off by being reasonable and agreeing he’s second best. They won’t be able to contain their anger.

Tell them he’s your GOAT

They know you’re an opp, and you’re being sarcastic, and that’ll annoy them so much.

Become a Barça fan

The minute you announce you’re a Barca fan, Ronaldo fans will see you as an opp, and everything you do will irritate them.

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