This Nigerian Police Officer is a Tall Glass of Hot Chocolate

November 2, 2015
So, we were minding our business and came across this thirst trap.
And mahn are we thirsty!!! This police officer is a sight for sore eyes.

Fine boy. No pimples. Yes dimples.

Where has he been all our life? How come we’re just hearing about him? His name is Aleey Giwa (in case you want to do a Google search) and he’s the Deputy PRO of Lagos State Police Command.

See posing.

He’s a modern guy.

Take a look at the MacBook. Everybody knows that those with MacBook have good taste in life.

The charm. The charisma. *Swoon*

Dare we say he can frisk us any time. Yes please. And if you’re thirsty (we know you are), go follow his Twitter account @Aleeygiwa. [zkk_poll post=8825 poll=content_block_standard_format_6] Please send the images to

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