The  “Arise O Compatriots” national anthem is 46-years-old, but instead of commissioning a new one, city boy Jagaban had the not-so-grand idea of reverting to one that dates back to 1960.

A Case For Portable Rewriting Our National Anthem

In the rare event that the FG decides to give us an entirely new national anthem in the future, Portable should write it. Before you roll your eyes, here’s why.

First, it’ll be easy to dance to

Since we’ve all agreed  most Nigerians don’t care about lyrics, doesn’t it make sense to have a danceable anthem? We don’t know about you, but Omo Lalomi knows how to get people’s groove on. 

And it’ll motivate you

A Case For Portable Rewriting Our National Anthem

The other half of Nigerians who pay attention to lyrics know that Portable really be spitting some aspire to maguire shit. I don’t know about you, but I’ll sing the shit out of “Who go help you no go stress you”.

Might scare the shit outta your opps

A Case For Portable Rewriting Our National Anthem

“Kala, Daju, Ma, Rerin Wuwa Ika” doesn’t sound like what’ll give your opps the balls to cross you. And to be frank, what’s a national anthem that cannot offer lirru protection? 

Have you heard his voice?

Agreed it might not be the best thing after soft agege bread, but even though! The grating effect of the Portable+autotune combo is all you need to stay alert. Always stay guiding, yunno. 

Nigeria will finally blow

A Case For Portable Rewriting Our National Anthem

As a country, I don’t think we’ve had our proper blow era. Afrobeats has done its part in putting us on the map, but we just might need that Portable-type “everywhereness” to get the full attention of the world. 

Who knows? Maybe a Grammy nod

Never say never because if there’s one thing about Portable, he has shocked everybody with his wins post Zazu blowup.

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