Daylight saving is the practice of skipping clocks (typically by one hour) during warmer months so that darkness falls at a later time.There’s nothing Nigerians like more than extra time, and daylight saving is just the solution we all need to get more of it. Just think about it.

Less time to spend at your job

You’re sick of it anyway. If we were saving daylight you’d spend less hours nursing and powering through a headache. Where is the bad side, please? 

Less time to put up with people’s rubbish

Every time I’m outside fraternising, I’m reminded of how annoying humans are. If we save daylight, you wouldn’t have any reason to be outside calling somebody’s grandmother a witch because she insulted your short skirt. 

Less time to worry about breakfast/dinner

The worst thing about growing up is endlessly having to decide what to eat. If the day ends faster, you can worry less about this. 

Less time reminding everyone you’re single 

If you’re always asleep by 10 PM instead of wallowing in your singleness and tweeting up a storm about it, you’d find yourself in less situationships, and might finally get used to a life of loneliness. Can’t see the downside, TBH. 

A break from fearing men

You know how we’re like, “Fear men 24 hours a day”? You’d have more time to rest from doing that now.

More time to spend on hobbies 

With those extra hours on your hands, you finally get to catch up on all the neighbourhood or family gossip. Or pretend you’re actually interested in DIY.

You’re the family disappointment for less hours in a day

All those aunties always reporting you to your parents will do it earlier in the day so you can rest and get over it faster. A win is a win. 


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