Ever since I was little, I have dreaded Monday. Not a lot has changed in adulthood, if anything, the stakes are even higher. If I don’t show up at work on Monday, it will end in tears. Sometimes, I wonder why Adam and Eve ate that apple. Anyhoo, if Monday is not your friend, you’ll relate:

1) When you wake up on Monday morning:


2) How you look at your colleagues every Monday morning.

What’s making this one happy?

3) Your face on Sunday night.

The ghetto.

4) If you don’t baff up to work on Mondays, you are also on this table.

It is what it is.

5) You dream of public holidays every Monday morning.

When is the next Sallah please?

6) Or all the sleep you’ll catch when you go on leave.

7) You have yawned five times since you got to work.

Is it closing time yet?

8) You feel so slowwwww every Monday morning.

Send help!

Monday morning

9) Instead of facing your work, you are reading this post.

You can’t kill yourself.


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