If you plan to relocate, this post if for you. I spoke to a couple of friends who recently relocated to Canada and America about culture shock. Here’s what they had to say about the difference between our supermarkets.

1) Eggs in supermarkets are refrigerated in the store.


2) You don’t leave your bag at the door.


3) There is something called price match.

Wait for it – If something is cheaper at a competitor, you get the same thing for that same price.

4) You’re not likely to see powdered milk or chocolate.

It’s usually liquefied and stored in kegs.

Riddle me this: If it’s liquid milk, will you people still put cereal first?

5) Most of the stores have self checkout.

You mean no standing in queue and someone telling me no change? Or I should pick chewing gum with my change?

6) There’s something called Crustless bread.

Bread that doesn’t sweat. Will it still be sweet?

7) In Texas, you can’t sell liquor on Sundays.

This is why.

8) Children are encouraged to sit in shopping carts.

They even have ‘steering wheels” for kids. I too am someone’s kid.

Do you have more? Please, share with us in the comments section.


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