Stress management in Nigeria sounds ironic as if you can manage all the stress Nigeria throws at you. It’s like driving with a blindfold – it just doesn’t make sense. That’s how a typical day in Nigeria is.

However, if you follow these tested and trusted tips, Nigeria won’t kill you. You will kill it instead.

Shall we?

1) Don’t watch the News.

Seriously, watching the news especially Nigerian news is a risk factor for high blood pressure. There are just so many ridiculous things happening all at once that the country feels like it is burning. You don’t need that energy.

stress management world burning

2) If you watch the News, regard it as comedy.

If you must watch the news, take it as a parody. Don’t take it too seriously so you don’t get worked up.

Odunlade stress management

3) When in stress, chant Mafo.

If it gets overwhelming, as it happens occasionally, look into a mirror and chant *mafo three times. That usually does the trick.

Obama stress management

*Mafo – Don’t panic.

4) Let your house be as close to your office as possible.

It’s important that one of the things you get right as a Nigerian is the proximity of your office to the house. At least remove one more stressor from your life and when work gets tiring, go home for a nap.

5) Always thank the Government for any success you make.

If you are an entrepreneur or a disruptor, make sure that any success you get, you attribute it to Government policy. Even if you provided your light, water, etc. Never annoy the Government if you still want to be in business longterm. Save yourself from stress today and thank the Government.

6) Develop a thick skin.

No matter what is currently happening, always know it can be worse. Don’t let anything move you too much because something always more unbelievable will top it.

7) If all fails, Jaapa.

You didn’t kill your parents so don’t allow this country kill you. Pack your stuff and leave for better.

Aki and paw paw stress management

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