So you just got served breakfast while living in your parents’ house. To you, the world is ending and you’re losing your mind. But to your parents, they can’t understand why you haven’t cooked for everyone in the house on a Saturday morning. 

These are all the stages of going through a breakup in your parent’s house.

You’re still in shock

You’re in the denial phase so it seems like everything is normal. But that’s just the calm before the storm.

 We know You're going through a breakup

You start to break down but still keep a straight face

It eventually hits you that you’ve been dumped and suddenly you want to cry. But you can’t, because how do you explain that it’s love that’s doing you like this?

You're going through a breakup

You start acting out on everyone

This is even worse if you have younger siblings because it’s Kunle that broke your heart, but you’re screaming at 11-year-old Joshua who just wants some help with his homework. Poor child.

This is how You're going through a breakup

Someone notices and asks you what’s wrong

You say it’s nothing, and when they push too far, you ask them to mind their business. You’re not wrong sha because nobody sent you to fall in love.

You're going through a breakup

You’re finally ready to cry but you have to run errands first

You finally get some alone time to let it all out, but as you start shedding tears, mummy calls you to go and buy fuel.

No one knows you're going through a breakup

You suddenly fall sick

How won’t this happen after two intense weeks of pent-up pain while running too many errands? Your parents think it’s malaria that’s dealing with you but you know it’s your immune system trying to purge all the feelings you caught from your body.

You're going through a breakup

You recover after a few days and you’re ready to get your heart broken again

Because you have coconut head, and you no dey hear word. Two weeks from now, you’ll be in another talking stage.

You're going through a breakup

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