We know parents judge their children’s partners on the first meeting. We’re not trying to cause fights, but shouldn’t these partners get to judge their in-laws too? We asked seven people to tell us the first impression they had when they met their partner’s parents, and the responses were chaotic.

Folake, female

I was in my “party animal” phase when I first got introduced to my current mother-in-law. I could swear I’d seen her at one of the clubs I used to go to, but apparently, she’s a pastor so it wasn’t really adding up. I never said anything about it, but there was this air of awkwardness during that first meeting. Till today, I don’t know if my hunch was right or if too much alcohol was making me overthink things.

David, male

My father-in-law had once tried to trigger the release clause of my ex. Man kept asking her out on a date, and was sending her money to help her “think about it” . I know because she told me about it at the time. The man doesn’t know I have his gist sha. When we met, he asked me what my intentions were for his daughter. In my head, I thought “Sir, let’s not rain curses upon ourselves”. 

Jeremiah, male

Her family was so chilled. In fact, too chilled; I felt like Daniel Kaluuya in the first part of Get Out. I was legit worried something was going to happen and my family would have to run a GoFundMe campaign to search for me. It was later I softened up to the whole thing and realised I was just used to hard life.

Ibrahim, male

I met my girlfriend’s parents at a party. To be honest, I thought her mum was my girlfriend’s older sister. She looked really hot and was already entering my eye. I got snapped back to reality when I saw my girlfriend go to hug her and call her mummy.


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Jola, female

My father-in-law had actually asked me out a few years back. It was funny in my head because I wasn’t sure if he remembered me or not. But he acted like he was meeting me for the first time. I did the same too sha before my relationship unfolds like a Yoruba movie plot.

Naomi, female

I thought my mother-in-law was evil because of the way she kept smiling at me. It creeped me out so I started smiling back. Let’s creep each other out, Ma. I’m not going anywhere.

Zaynab, female

My partner’s parents were really cool. My father-in-law was watching a football match the day we went to visit. It turned out he was a Chelsea fan like me, and we literally just connected over that. Nobody else in their house watches football, not even my husband. So, for him, it was like, “Ope o! I’ve finally found a gist partner”. My mother-in-law was super nice. She even refused when I tried to help her cook. She looked genuinely confused that I wanted to help out.

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