It’s that time of the month again; WhatsApp broadcasts, messages, affirmations, emails and texts all screaming the same thing – happy new month. If you can’t stand or escape the unsolicited new month reminders, here are 6 perfect ways you can respond.

Don’t try them with everybody oh, before they say you’re rude, and come and beat you in your house.

1. Don’t respond

Silence is also a resounding response. Next time, they’ll think twice before hitting send.

2. “What is happy about the month?”

Abi nau. Since they’re so quick to type well wishes and whatnot, maybe they’ve seen a vision for your life.

3. Reply with your account details

You just survived a tumultuous 30 (or more) days ride. They might as well go all in with the goodwill by sending #NewMonthFunds.

4. Laugh

This is perfect if someone tells you “happy new month” over chat. Simply reply with a laughing emoji, and let them think you’re really putting the “happy” in the new month.

5. “Same, from me and mine”

If the sender is trying to use the new month as an excuse to slide into your DM, then this will neutralise their plan. Plus, they’ll know you’re taken.

6. “T for thanks”

Use this if the broadcast is lengthy and you can’t bother yourself with reading it. It’s not you they’ll come and stress.

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