It’s a myth that you have to eat light before going to the gym. Eat these 6 foods before hitting the gym, and see your body goals become a reality.

1. Eba and egusi

Egusi Soup with Uziza Leaf – The Kitchen Muse

If you need energy, this is the best thing to eat before you go to the gym.

2. Poundo yam

Poundo yam Recipe by Bukang - Abujamom - Cookpad

Don’t eat normal pounded yam o. That one will weigh you down. Eat poundo yam. You will be strong. All the people in the gym will feel you.

3. Yam pottage

Yam pottage/Yam Porridge (Asaro recipe)

This one might weigh you down small, but it’s that small weighing down that you need to push yourself to work out harder.

4. Pap and moimoi

Health Benefits of moi moi and pap | Nigerian food | Wives Connection |  Food, Nigerian food, Nigeria food

If you don’t take pap and moimoi before you go to the gym, what are you doing with your life?

5. Semo

POUNDO YAM – Green Island Restaurant

This one will make you work out well, so that you can burn out all the nonsense you’ve put in your system. It’s reverse psychology. You’re tricking your body.

6. Jollof rice and plenty meat

Recipe: West African-style jollof rice with chicken | Sainsbury's recipes

This one, we don’t know the benefits. Just eat jollof before you go to to gym.


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