Queue to withdraw your own money, buy food, do your laundry, pay bills and even collect change. Why all this? You could be channeling that time into securing the bag. *Squeezes face*

1. Disrupts your plans

Don’t bother accepting invitations anywhere, because by the time it gets to your turn on long queues, the event will be over.

2. Annoying attendants

Even when you make up your mind to just be patient till it gets to your turn, there’s always that one annoying person who is sluggish in attending to you.

3. Steals your beauty

The glow you left your house with will vanish after spending 5 hours in the sun queuing for one minor thing.

4. It gets longer

Just when you think it’s almost your turn, the queue will supernaturally get longer. *Suffers in silence*

5. Theft

Don’t be surprised to discover your phone or money missing after struggling to maintain your spot on a queue. Questions like “how?” and “who?” will flood your mind as you weep.

6. Waste of precious time

This one is very painful. You’ve waited and waited till you lost weight for your turn only for the attendant to suddenly disappear. It’s not their fault.

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Here’s what makes BuyPower cool:

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  • Out of data? Buy directly from your bank with USSD.
  • You’d be able to gift the love of your life electricity so they don’t have to drag generator.
  • Set reminders so your bills don’t catch you by surprise.

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