5 Ways to Prank a Nigerian Parent… and Live to Tell the Tale

November 2, 2015
Pranking a Nigerian parent is a risky move which may end in this being thrown at your head…
or this…
or a beating with one of these…
But there is one Nigerian boy who has managed to survive all of these. Meet ComedyShortsGamer a.k.a Deji. He loves to prank his mum and dad for the pleasure of his millions of followers who can’t get enough of their hilarious Nigerian parent-style reactions. Watch these videos to learn how, just like Deji, you too can prank your Nigerian mother and father and live to tell the tale.

1. Tell your Nigerian mother you got a tattoo… of a ‘demonic creature’.

2. Tell your Nigerian mother you want to ‘snap a picture’ but make a video of her just posing instead.

3. Tell your Nigerian father that everything he’s worked hard to build has been burnt in a fire.

His father’s acting is oscar-worthy sha!

4. Slap your Nigerian mother! Yes you read that correctly. SLAP her with whipped cream.

Disclaimer: we accept no liability for the ifoti you might receive.

5. Tell your Nigerian mother you ‘impregnated’ a girl.. in her house.

Ok so maybe we all can’t get away with this level of pranking with our Nigeria parents like Deji can.
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