You know how everyone has that one picture on their Instagram where they’re seated in front of a laptop in a public place pretending to work? You need one too.

In this article, we’ll tell you five public places to work from so that your next employer will see you as a serious person.

You’re welcome.

1. Coffee shops

Here’s an industry secret nobody wants you to know: To get hired into any of the tech bro spaces, you have to have a picture of yourself in a coffee shop attached to your CV. You also need to be able to name at least 15 different types of coffee and the exact geographical location of all the coffee shops you ever visited. Oh, and don’t forget to bring all the branded disposable coffee cups you’ve used all your life to your interview as proof that you are not lying.

Oh wait, you’ve been throwing them away? Damn, your life in tech is over.

2. In an Uber

Free Photo | African american business man in car

Sit at the owner’s corner and start shouting about containers and numbers. Make sure every mention of money you make is in another denomination. Na mumu dey spend naira.

3. In a library

We Read Too is the Perfect App for Black Girl Nerds | by Jackie Williams |  Medium

Did you know that nobody actually goes to libraries to work or read? They just do it to look like they’re working so that when anyone asks them where they’ve been, they can say. “Oh’ I’ve been at the library since.” But what were you doing there, Sandra?

4. Any Chicken Republic you see

Homepage - Chicken Republic - Lagos, Nigeria - Ghana

Get your laptop to any Chicken Republic and just open it. You don’t even have to be working. Just open it and stare at it. You will look more serious than everyone else there because people only go to Chicken Republic to get cheap food.

5. Any co-working space

The Rise of Coworking Spaces in Africa

Why be unproductive at home alone when you can be unproductive together with a bunch of people who are pretending to be productive? The more the merrier, right?



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