15 Pictures Nigerians Who Grew Up Ajebutter Will Never Understand

November 12, 2015
If you grew up an ajepako, then you’ll relate with this list on an almost spiritual level, but if you didn’t, you’ll go through it wondering what the hell we are talking about.

1. This was your unofficial car:

“Driven” with either your hand or a stick.

2. Your parents got called Mummy and Daddy [Your first name].

Instead of Mr and Mrs [Your Last Name].

3. Making your kite out of polythene bags and broom sticks.

Stop forming, you did it.

4. Writing your name on paper and putting it into your biro.

No money to be replacing stolen biro up and down, abeg.

5. Playing the greatest childhood game ever:

6. Playing the rubber band game:

If you knew it as Dobo Lastman, you’re the real MVP.

7. Playing the biro game:


8. Eating Go-Go while your mates ate these:

m&m’s is just go-go that went to do masters abroad.

9. Eating this chewy goodness:

Baba Dudu was EVERYTHING!

10. Eating this crunchy goodness:

Take this baby with garri and you had a winner.

11. This was your icecream:

If you knew it as condensed, then you’re the real ajepako.

12. Taking your bath like this at least once:

13. Playing with this:

The ultimate village weapon.

14. This was your lollipop:

Still don’t know what the name was.

15. Making this with a biro cover and that big Tiger battery:

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