Are you a single lady, tired of meeting the wrong type of guys? You might only be meeting chewing gum boys, because you don’t go to correct places to meet eligible bachelors. We’re here to help make your ministry flourish.

Marriage is serious business, literarily. That’s why we shared 11 Places to Set Fruitful P in Lagos and How to be a Single Woman in Lagos in Your 30s.

Now, we’re back with places single ladies can meet the man of their dreams. And not just any kind –but the rich kind.

This is an investment, so be ready to spend money.

1. Any of the big hotels.

Surface Bar and Grill or Voyage Restaurant at Radisson Blu; Oriental Hotel lobby, Brazzerie restaurant at Four Points by Sheraton; the lounging area beside the swimming pool at Eko Hotel.

If you’re broke, the hotel receptions or garages are good alternatives.

2. Any of Lagos’ big churches.

This is for the Christian sisters. Just go to House on the Rock, COZA, Daystar, Harvesters, or Redeemed Christian Church of God (not any, it must be City of David).

There are potential baes waiting.

3. Murtala Muhammed Airport (local or international).

So scrape together all your money and take a trip when next you need to travel. If you’re broke, just pretend you’re there to pick a friend or family that just landed and hang around.

4. Banana Island Estate main gate or back gate.

Why the gate? Because, if you don’t know anyone there or weren’t invited, security won’t let you in. So, to avoid embarrassing yourself, make sure you take a cab, or to be inconspicuous, take an Uber.

5. Chevron Estate, Lekki.

Again, make sure you have something planned to do there, maybe jogging; or you charter a cab.

6. Pan-Atlantic University (formerly Pan-African University).

Everybody here, both students and faculty are more than well-to-do and have access to the country’s influencers. So find ways to visit the place on a frequent basis. But your best bet is to take a course there.

7. The shopping malls.

Yes, we know that malls aren’t among the cool places to be these days. But there are still places in them where you can meet the potential hubby. E.g Café Vergnano at The Palms. So go exploring for the cool spots in the mall and hang around there.

8. Wedding receptions on the Island.

If you’re a bold woman, you won’t mind wedding crashing to find your man. The wedding receptions at exotic or expensive venues in V.I are your surest bet.

9. 1004 Estate staircase.

Because you can’t enter any apartment you like if you’re not visiting anybody. But you can hang around the staircase, who knows, you might even meet a nice white guy.

Honorable mentions:

10. Piccolo Restaurant.

11. Emperor Estate and Mayfair Gardens, Lekki.

12. Tarkwa Bay, Atican or Elegushi beach.

13. Accenture car park.

This one is easy. You don’t need a car, but you need to look like you own a car. So jingle the keys to the car you may or may not have, while you stroll through the parking lot in search of the car.

Please use at your own discretion. We shall not be held accountable.

Featured image via Jide Odukoya.


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