An interesting thing about salons is the different kinds of people you’ll find there. Nigerians on a normal day are already strange, but it’s almost like being in a salon unleashes a whole other level of weird behaviour in us. Here are 10 types of people you’ll find in a salon.

1. The one that is always asleep

If you can fall asleep while getting your hair braided, you are either a demon or have a hair-pulling fetish. God, in his creation, never intended for anyone’s hair to be pulled the way Nigerian hairstylists pull them. How can a normal person sleep through that? Omo. 

2. The complainer

This person always has something to bitch about while their hair is being made. “It’s too tight.” “The braids are not the same size.” “You are too slow.” We can’t blame people that complain sha. When hairdressers have broken your heart many times, you’ll learn how to complain to get what you want. 

3. The one that is always eating

From the moment they enter the salon till they leave, these types of people always have something to munch on. Hairstylists that are smart sell drinks and snacks because of  people like these

4. The impatient one

These types of people make it clear from the start that they have no intention of spending their entire day at the salon. They don’t always go about it in the best way, but when you consider that Nigerians have a solid zero in time management, their actions are valid. 

5. The gist lover

These people are hair stylists’ best customers. They come often enough to know the regulars so when the hairstylist is gossiping about them, they are interested enough to listen. They treat making their hair like therapy, spilling all the tea about their life. 

6. The happy helper

Like the impatient person, the happy helper wants to be done as soon as possible. They just go about it differently. They come to the salon with their hair prewashed, help the hairstylist cut attachment, help braid the tips of their hair. Anything to be done as soon as possible. 

7. The latecomer

This person goes to the salon once every two months because they are not about that stressful life. Whenever they have the energy to go, they make sure to get there late. We don’t even blame hairstylists for fucking up.  If you were making someone’s hair from 6 pm to 10 pm, you’d do rubbish too. Maybe try going on time for once?

8. The Instagram copy cats

Nigerian hair stylists hate people like these because they always want the stylists to recreate expensive styles found online but with small budgets. No, your hairstylist is not bad at their job. You brought subpar products for an expensive hairstyle, dear. 

9. The one on their phone the entire time

Unlike the happy helper, this person has no intention of helping the stylist reduce their work. They don’t even try to make conversation. They just stay on their phones for hours. They always carry a power bank with them too because boredom is not their portion. 

10. The quiet one 

When these types of people go to the salon, they don’t complain. Instead, they let the hairstylist make a style that isn’t the least bit close to what they showed them. Everyone in their life is tired of watching them cry after every new hair appointment. Try to speak up, please. A closed mouth is a closed destiny. 



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