If you relate to one or more of the points on this list, sku ski sku…

1) You’re always begging your partner for food

After refusing to order anything. Rinse and repeat.

2) You sleep off on your partner

The worst part is you keep promising to not sleep off. Yet…

3) You don’t like P.D.A

You don’t even like walking beside them in public.

4) You dislike phone calls

Always talking about being tired after work. Are you the first?

5) You don’t post them on social media


6) You don’t like to cuddle

Again. Pls why? Only wicked people behave like this.

7) You don’t call them cute adorable names

Like “terrorist” or “scorpion” for example

8) You don’t buy them cute random gifts

No thinking about you and got you this gift? Do better.

9) Or send food to their office

No anon got lunch for you? Do better.

10) You don’t send random out of the blues “I love you” messages

Problem. Problem. Another problem.



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