What She Said: 6 Women On What Their First Orgasms Felt Like

April 16, 2019

We get many firsts in our lifetime, a lot of which we never remember. Like our first words or first steps. Some we never forget, like the first time man to take you fi idiat or your first orgasm.

I asked six women what their first orgasms felt like and their responses were everything from worrying to hilarious.

Dear Mum, I was not possessed.

I was like six and my mum spent several years after it happened going to MFM and praying that God delivered me from the spirit of sexual pervasion. I didn’t even know what I was doing. I just knew that rubbing myself on my pillow felt good and when I did it for a while there’d be like a mini explosion that felt really really good.

At first I’d do it in public, until my mum realized what I was doing and started beating me because of it. After that I just learned to hide. Turns out its a medical phenomenon called toddler masturbation and I was not possessed.

Abigail, 26

It has been ho life since then.

I was in Uni. Probably like 18. I went to an all girls boarding school so I was just sort of discovering boys. For the longest time, I didn’t do anything beyond kissing with any boy. Until I met the inevitable bad boy every girl is destined to meet at 18.

All the other boys I had been with stayed in school hostels, so there was always a limit to what you could do behind Sciences. But this one had his own BQ. One day I got a little too comfortable and let him give me head in his room after I had given him of course.

I remember feeling my whole body get very hot and my heart like swelling. That was the beginning of my sexual awakening. It has been ‘ho is life’ since then.

Folusho, 25
No money, no honey

Nothing beats money orgasms.

The first true orgasm I can remember is the first time dollars entered my account. And since then nothing has come close. Like sex is great and stuff but nothing beats the kind of orgasm having money brings on.

Tomisin, 24

I discovered a little nob I had been neglecting.

I was thirteen, it was that long holiday after Junior WAEC and I had just discovered porn. My cousin who was living with us had a stash of CDs. And I had a lot of alone time with the DVD in my mother’s room when she went to work. I remember it felt nice when I touched myself but it was nothing mindblowing.

Then one day I discovered a little nob I had been neglecting, that exploded when I touched it for like ten seconds. That’s all I spent the rest of the holiday doing, while my mates were going for computer lesson.

Ruky, 25

It was terrifying.

It was terrifying. I grew up super religious, so when I first started masturbating I used to feel incredibly guilty after. Like I’d cry and pray and promise God I’d never do it again.

Then one day as I was masturbating I just started to feel like a sort of build up, starting from down there and climbing up. Next thing my body started jerking and stopped. I had no idea what it was. I had no idea what orgasms were actually. I just took it as a warning from God and didn’t masturbate for years after that.

Ndifreke, 25

It led to a glorious place.

I was like 16, it was just after secondary school, I and my first boyfriend were waiting to start A levels. We had just graduated from secondary school now, so in our minds, we were grown as hell. The most I used to let him do while we were in school was to let him press breast.

One day we were alone at his house and he was like he wanted to show me something but we both had to get naked. For some reason, I didn’t even need much convincing. So we start making out, then he takes out his penis and starts rubbing it down below. I’m not sure but I think that’s what he thought sex was. Or maybe it was foreplay.

Next thing I knew my whole body starts tingling and I’m screaming stop, stop, stop and pushing him away. I ran home, but the next day I was back to see where the tingling will lead. And it led to a glorious place.

Chibuogu, 23

I kept saying Jesus over and over again.

It was actually pretty recently, and I’ve been sexually active for a couple of years now. I never drink but I had just gotten a promotion at work and I was out celebrating with my boyfriend. I had just one Long Island which as it turns out, is a very strong cocktail. Even before we went back to his place I was already feeling pretty randy. I knew the sex felt better than usual, but I really didn’t see the orgasm coming. I just felt my whole body bucking and I kept saying Jesus over and over again. But it hasn’t happened again for me since then.

Adaku, 27

Hey you, reading this right now, still snickering over the fact that Ndifreke thought her first orgasm was a warning from God. What did your first orgasm feel like? Was it the greatest thing since Jollof rice? Or have you still only ever experienced it through books and movies? Lets us know in the comments below. If you are worried your village people might be monitoring you, email me – toketemu@bicabal.com. And it’ll be just between you, me and the alias you pick.

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