1. When it’s hair day and you know you won’t be doing anything else.

You booked for 10am, you’ll be seen at 12 noon, and leave around 5pm.

2. When the salon is packed full, but the stylist assures you that you will be seen soon.


3. When the stylist that cannot make hair approaches you.

Please, don’t help me.

4. When gentle isn’t in your hairdresser’s vocabulary.

Please stop pulling my hair now.

5. If you have natural hair, you’d be told like 3 million times to relax it.

I said no now.

6. When you roll up in your 4 month old weave but you know no one will judge you.

I am not my hair.

7. When the stylist forgets that she left your hair under the dryer.

And she still won’t answer.

8. When another customer is spilling their entire family’s secrets.

Please. Go on.

9. When the hairdresser makes up a ridiculously high price for your hair.

Wait, what?!

10. Then they take light and they want to charge you for generator usage.


11. When you go with one style in mind, but the hairdresser says it won’t fit you.

Okay, ma. You know best.

12. When someone in the salon tries to convince you to do a mani/pedi.

Is it free?

13. When two people are braiding your hair and you can’t tell which side hurts the most.

Everywhere hurts.

14. When they leave the relaxer on your hair too long.

Now you have no edges.

15. When you’re cheating on your stylist with another stylist and they pass by.

Did she see me?

16. And if you leave with a weave, you know you’d be tapping it for about a month.

Because it be itching!


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