Genevieve Nnaji’s Lionheart will always be remembered for many things. It’ll be remembered as the first Netflix original film produced in Nigeria. Genevieve’s directorial debut. And the movie Pete Edochie told someone’s child “your continued stay is an extension of your irrelevance”.
But in all the conversations I’ve followed about the movie no one has still brought up the fact that Genevieve Nnaji was giving us so much life with her natural hairstyles. Every one of them was a hit back to back. Here’s every time Genevieve playing Ada Obiagu made us take screenshots and head over to YouTube to look up natural hair tutorials.
Her updo at the scene where agberos overtook the park. You might think it was her oratory skills that saved the day, you are wrong it was her laid edges.
Her sleek back bun in that scene where she’s talking about work on her father’s sickbed and you realize she’s truly her father’s daughter.
The updo that said I’m totally ready to become MD, with that double sweep you already knew she wasn’t going to take the news lying down.
The side sweep updo when she got news that her company was 950 million in debt. I mean if you are going to get that type of news it’s better to get it with your hair laid.
Yet another power updo. How she found the time to run her fathers company and be giving us back to back hair inspo we don’t know but we are here for it.
This topknot that had me praying over my own edges with anointing oil.
There are two lessons I learned from Lionheart. The first is that family is important, the second is that you can never go wrong with an updo, especially when pitching million naira mergers.
It’s also great for when you meet future bae for the very first time.
Then there was the return of the side sweep updo. This is the kind of hair you do when you know you are about to put your enemies to shame and become a CEO all in the same day.
Which was your favourite hairstyle?


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