So many reasons can cause the end of a friendship, but some are pettier than others. These seven Nigerian women tell us the pettiest reasons why they stopped being friends with someone.

Chisom, 22

My friend and I have not spoken for two years because of fish pie. She started ignoring me in our third year in university because she felt I was hoarding fish pie during an event in my faculty and refusing to share with them. What really happened was that I was waiting for the people present at the event to reduce so my friends and I would have enough for ourselves. However, she left out of anger. One of our mutual friends tried explaining to her but she wasn’t having it. We came to school the next day, and she started ignoring me. Since I was trying to explain and she did not listen, I moved on.

Somto, 20

I had two friends I cut off at the same time. When someone post pictures, their friends usually repost and gas them up. I always posted them and they reposted each other, but they never reposted my pictures. They never returned the energy and I felt hurt. So, I cut them off because they weren’t posting my pictures on their status, but they were reposting each other’s pictures.

Jessica, 25

My friend did not wish me a happy birthday. When I asked her why she said it was just an ordinary birthday. I was upset because she knew how important that birthday was to me. It was the first one I was celebrating since my twin sister died on our twelfth birthday.

Blessing, 20

I met a girl at a party and we got talking for a bit. We exchanged numbers and the conversation was going really well. I got to know that we were in the same school, so we made plans to hangout. We texted for just two weeks, but it felt like we had known each other forever. In the short while we had known each other, we already knew tangible information about one another. We were so open with each other and I was quite happy about the new friend I had just made.

Everything was cool until one day she asked me if I was ready for a legit hustle. I thought she was trying to improve my financial life, so I was excited. The next question she asked me was ‘how good are you?💦’. I was really taken aback by the question. I thought she was trying to pimp me out. She probably figured she had fucked up and she apologized and ‘explained’ herself but I always already irritated. I didn’t cut her off immediately, I just gradually stopped replying her messages.

Halima, 20

We stopped talking because she was always talking to me about how I dress. I don’t wear hijab but I identify as a Muslim. She kept acting like I had no right to not wear the hijab. When I told her off, she called me the devil. I deleted her number and blocked her afterwards.

Amaka, 24

I stopped talking to a male friend of mine because his face annoyed me. He was quite good looking, but he just had a smug look on his face, like he was better than everyone. It irritated the hell out of me and I always felt like throwing up while looking at his face.

Peace, 25

My four friends and I were in a clique in university. The aunt of one of the girls is a caterer, so the babe usually brought food for us to share. The only problem, was that she could only bring two pieces of meat. This faithful day, she came with jollof rice and two pieces of beef. One of the pieces of meat was bigger than the other, so we decided that three people would share that. The babe that shared the meat into three pieces shared it unequally, so two of the pieces were way bigger than the other. My other friend and I decided since she shared the meat, she would take her piece last.

She got so angry, but we didn’t listen to her. We took the two bigger pieces and left her with the smaller one. Since then, the girl and I have not been talking because I took the biggest piece of meat. Whenever people ask why we don’t speak anymore, we can’t tell them it’s because of fried beef.

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