Usain Bolt Smiled Before Crossing The Finish Line And The Internet Went Wild

August 15, 2016
Usain Bolt won his 7th Olympic Gold in Rio, and he did it smiling! The 29-year-old Jamaican won the 100m Gold in Beijing ’08, and London’12, and has secured his title as the fastest man on Earth. We got the best internet reactions for you, you’re very welcome!

Look at this greatness. Soak it in. Now you understand why Usain Bolt broke the internet.

1. That time he took a selfie while running.

2. When your bad luck sets you in a race with Usain Bolt.

3. Just look at the other guys dying on the track.

4. This is how you look at your haters when you see them struggling to get at you.

5. Or how you flee from this whole ‘adulting’ thing.

6. Usain Bolt has won at life in less than 100 seconds.

7. Because of Usain Bolt, it is now very okay to poke nose in other people’s business.

8. Its time for Barry Allen to quit acting ‘The Flash’, because this is the original Flash right here.

9. That time Usain Bolt featured in ‘Scooby-doo’.

10. And we all agree that Usain Bolt is NOT HUMAN! He’s Immortal!

11. Looks like someone found out the reason behind the smile.

12. It appears Usain Bolt’s Mom went to the same training school as African moms.

13. Jamaicans just could not keep calm after that race, and we totally get it.

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