Nigerians React to The Social Media Bill Proposed By The Senate

Although we live in a democratic country, it appears the ruling government might try to encroach on our freedom of speech.

A new social media bill that could potentially censor free speech on social media platforms has been proposed by the House of Senate.

According to the bill, anyone who writes anything negative against somebody else (most probably politicians) will face jail time – two years to be exact.

How dare they? Can someone please tell them that it is not allowed.

Nigerians on Twitter have expressed their thoughts on the issue via #NoToSocialMediaBill. Here are some of them:

On fighting for our rights:

For Ben Bruce to speak out:

On how it will affect us:

This mathematical calculation:

Our keyboards as tools of expression:

On what will happen if the bill is passed:

This person being a devil’s advocate:

Comparing the previous government to the current one:

A gentle reminder of what country this is:

Reminding the Senate who’s really in charge:

Democracy and freedom of expression must work together:

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