Nigerians Say Goodbye To Veteran NTA Presenter, Cyril Stober, As He Retires From Service

December 10, 2015

Often described as a captivating voice at the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), where he worked for over thirty years, Cyril Stober, has been someone we listened to everyday.

 Many among the younger generation of journalists were inspired to pursue a career in Journalism because of this eloquent newscaster.
After decades in the industry, he’s finally retiring. Nigerians took to Twitter to say good things, as well as bid him farewell.

Realising that you’ve probably known him all your life.

Knowing that he is a legend in his own right.

Remembering that he had a distinguished voice, with no fake accent.

Remembering that his dressing was on point.

Remembering when you saw him practically on TV everyday.

Remembering that he was your favourite TV anchor.

Knowing that you’re getting old…

Or that you’re still very young.

Remembering that he is handsome.

Knowing that he deserves an award.

Knowing that this is a legitimate comparison.

Realising that it is the end of an era…

And that the world is about to end.

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