Netflix = provides online video-on-demand streaming service, with headquarters in the United State. Netflix and chill = A euphemism guys use to ask a girl to hook up.

For the longest time, most Nigerians living in Nigerian couldn’t say “Netflix and Chill”, because it just didn’t make sense.

But we had other alternatives.

Then came the news that Netflix is now legally available in virtually any country you can think of — including Nigeria!

Of course, trust Nigerians to have no chill! They immediately took to social media to express themselves!

Some laughed at the matter…

Because of these questions most of us are asking ourselves.

Which is why some believe that there’s no reason for the resident cinemas, including streaming or subscription services to panic yet.

But some believe they should be very afraid.

Some predict that various networks will offer special plans for it.

But you still know you can ‘chill’ now.

Some choose to look at the bright side of it.

Some are already volunteering themselves to chill.

Some are already cracking jokes about it.

Even Yoruba boys can’t escape it.

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