Nigerian Medical Students Will Now Spend Over A Decade To Get Their Degrees!

March 15, 2016
As if Nigerian medical students don’t have enough to worry about — like strikes, inadequate facilities and whatnot — the National Universities Commission (NUC) has decided to add something else!

According to the Executive Secretary of NUC, Prof. Julius Okojie, all medical students will spend a minimum of ten to eleven years in school before getting their degrees.

According to him, the 2015 document for the training of medical students mandates that students spend four years studying for their first degree in a science-related course. After which they will proceed to medical school to spend another seven years. Which will now be a total of eleven year — four years more than it currently is.

Wait! What?!

Is he joking?

It seems he might not be joking afterall! Proj. Okojie made the announcement while delivering a lecture at the matriculation and inauguration of the University of Medical Science, in Ondo State.

How unfortunate. Very unfortunate.

We know they’re trying to copy the foreign system of medical education, but this one is too much now!

In the American school system for example, students go for a pre-med degree for four years, before medical school, which is another four years. Then three to seven years residency and fellowship.

It’s different if they actually plan to make infrastructure and facilities available and up to standard.

But knowing Nigeria, that will probably never happen.

If this is actually implemented, just imagine what will happen. By the time medical students are through, their counterparts would have gone far in life.

This is so sad! It’s so unfair! [zkk_poll post=23673 poll=content_block_standard_format_7] Featured image via PJNaijaExpress.

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