It all started when Hon. Ayo Omidiran (who has been a member of the house of representatives since 2011) wished her daughter-in-law a happy birthday on Twitter in the sweetest way ever.

And it warmed our hearts and made us cry.

The sweetness of the birthday message made everyone wish to have a mother-in-law like her and she instantly became #MotherInLawGoals

Then one sharp girl came from nowhere and asked an interesting question.

Clearly trying to bag a good husband and an awesome mother-in-law at the same.

And then the coolest mother-in-law on the planet replied!

This caused all of Twitter to freak.

Others came to try their luck too.

No time to waste.

And again, the awesome Ayo Omidiran gave a response that blew minds everywhere.

She’s setting P in the DMs for her son(s)!COULD SHE BE ANYMORE AWESOME?!

Some guys even came to see if she had daughters who were looking to get married.

The Lord helps those who help themselves.

And she gave another lowkey epic response.

Her daughters are happily loved up. Back off y’all.

We don’t know about you guys but Hon. Ayo Omidiran just became our new favourite person.

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