The ‘Lagos Big Girl Be Like’ Series By Joro Olumofin Is Beyond Funny

Lagos socialite, Adejoro Olumofin (aka Doktor Mofin) created this hilarious series about the typical Lagos Big Girl to highlight some of their qualities or characteristics.
According to him a Lagos Big Girl is “any lady who is very successful (entrepreneur/corporate), has an extravagant lifestyle, wears very expensive designer clothes, use professional makeup artist for every event, attends all or most A list events / weddings, is friends with elite and celebrities, travels to exotic locations, is featured on top blogs frequently, lives in a choice area or location, has more than 10,000 followers on social media and is dating a rich or influential man. Drives a very flashy or new Generation exotic car.”

Lagos Big Girl be like…

I don’t bleach, it’s just sunburn.
I can’t cross 3rd Mainland Bridge.
Big rock or nah!
I only follow 10 people on Instagram.
OMG! Dubai was LIT!
Berger? Ogudu? Is that even in Lagos.
Err… What’s your last name again? Dangote?
Aww… You drive a G-Wagon?
I eat only Chinese.
I don’t do Hondas biko.
I burnt my knuckles while cooking.

Then the rib-cracking videos.

If it wasn’t a Harry Winston, I wouldn’t have taken it.
Oh my Gahd! This is my jam!
What does your boyfriend do?
Are you related to Gov Fashola?
Dubai was popping.
I burnt my knuckles while cooking Indomie this morning.

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