So Falz Da Bahd guy dropped a new music video and the mini movie is already a challenge to Nollywood. These are the thoughts that crossed our mind while watching it.


Of course it’s by Bahd Guys Records.

Ah! This one is a movie oh.

Yes! Adeyemi Okanlawon! This is Clarence Peters handwork too.

Ah! Indeed this is a movie!

Is this view from a helicopter or a drone?

Falz has become a news reporter. Lmao! Shawn Stober.

Ah! They kidnapped Simi.

Rescue mission on the way!

Lmao! See Adeyemi’s face. Looks like the rescue mission was successful.

Okay. Flashback.

Liking how local they went for the video.

Fine boys, no pimples.

Aww. He’s going to surprise his bae.

It’s like they’re not a couple yet. See the serious eye she’s giving him.

Yasss! The song has begun. Skip to 5:25 mins if you don’t want to watch the drama.

Her friends are not nice oh. All this shege for one person.

Nice ad placement.

Nawa oh. Stand off because of love.

Eh heh! Sexy teacher.

Falz has become a stalker. She doesn’t want oh.

The Yoruba mother has arrived. Lmao! He is finished!

Eh ya. Look at him. Because of a girl.

She finally changed her mind. Lol!

This bomb blast na one in town!

They kidnapped all the girls!

Wow! See abs! See chocolate abs!

Adeyemi is using Simi to blackmail him.

What?! There’s part three?! Seriously?! It has turned into a Nollywood movie series! And it was about to get really good too!

Is this a music video or a movie? Either way, we love it! It was rather entertaining. This is obviously the continuation of the Jamb Question video.  Although Adeyemi is the bad guy here, we still like him jaare! Falz and Simi have undeniable chemistry and they’re really great actors. This video is obviously a combination of good music and good cinematography. Definitely looking forward to part three!

Watch the full video here.


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