Our favorite controversial politician, Dino Melaye is in the news again. If you don’t remember what he looks like, here’s a picture to refresh your memory.

Remember him now?

He just released a book called “Antidotes For Corruption”, a book about how Nigeria can properly fight corruption. This is hilariously ironic for one reason.

Because he’s a NIGERIAN POLITICIAN, that’s why. You know what we mean by this. Don’t pretend.

Wait! That’s not even the best part! The most entertaining first lady Nigeria has ever had, Patience Jonathan, was the guest of honor at this event.

It’s worth pointing out that Mama Peace is currently embroiled in a court case regarding almost $6 Million she might have gotten through shady means.

Also present at the event was Senate President, Bukola Saraki, who is currently on trial for false declaration of assets.

Which probably explains why his face was like this when this picture was taken.

Saraki even gave a speech. Talking about how the fight against corruption shouldn’t be sensationalized because it is ‘unnecessary and counter-productive.’

Basically that was him saying that he doesn’t want to be dragged on the front pages of newspapers and social media for being corrupt.

He even congratulated Dino Melaye for writing such a lengthy book despite Dino’s busy schedule.

We at Zikoko can bet all our reproductive organs that Dino Melaye didn’t write that book himself.

Also, there was NO representative from the EFFC.

They know this whole thing is a sham. LOL

All this put together, gave Nigerians the chance to do the thing they do best.


Nigerians went in hard! Let’s start with this tweet from The Sahara Reporters that came with epic shade.

This tweet from this guy who can’t wait for everything to end.

This tweet about an epic showdown.

This tweet from this guy who makes a valid point.

This tweet about the dream team.

This tweet from this person that REALLY wants you to see how much of a sham this whole thing is.

Even the grammar nazis came out to play.

This tweet about about how the book launch left corruption confused.

We have no idea who Dino and his people think they’re deceiving but it’s sha not us.

Because we’re not stupid.


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