The Funniest Tweets From the Commit or Commot Hashtag

November 17, 2015

First, it was #SeizeTheBae2015.

But if you haven’t seized the bae by now, you’re running out of time oh!

Because, yunno, deadline is almost here.

We have six more weeks to January 2016. You better pick up slack. That is, if you’re sure there’s hope.

But if there isn’t hope. There’s still next year.

Count your losses now and move on.

But just know that this is what #CommitorCommot2016 will look like.

Not being even qualified for it.

Your only option being that person you abandoned in 2014.

The horror!

When he wants to keep you a secret indefinitely.

He must show you to the world.

The long term dating engagement.

Or the engagement without a deadline.

This one is imprisonment.

The Yoruba demons will increase in population.

Asking the Lord to intervene on your behalf.

It is well.

For the guy to voluntarily come to see your parents with his own two feet.

God will do it.

Not giving up.

Who said it was going to be easy?

All those girls eating their cake and having it.

The time of reckoning is here.

Just a friendly reminder about the deadline.

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