We’ve Found The Cure To Your Baby Fever

July 5, 2018

Ever see a picture like this and think to yourself ‘I just can’t wait to have my own baby’.

Well, the next time one of these kind of pictures comes your way, these ten things will make you close your eyes.

First of all cerelac is expensive.

You yourself are you eating three times a day, yet you want to go and look for another mouth to feed.

Pampers is also expensive and you can use up to ten in one day.

Let’s even forget the price for a second first. Imagine having to look at, smell and change this all day every day.

From socks to baby stroller there is nothing that’s not expensive.

So take a look at your account balance are you really ready for a baby?

Can you even afford school fees?

Sit down and do the maths well. You’ll pay school fees for nursery school, primary school, secondary school, university and maybe even masters. Can you really afford it?

Sleep will become a thing of the past.

You’ll be lucky if you even get up to 4 hours a night.

If your house used to look like this before.

All clean and sparkling.

From the moment you have a baby this is how it’ll start looking.

Don’t even bother trying to do something about it, nothing will work.

What of all those night outs with friends?

Dead and gone. You are back to being a teenager with a curfew.

Before you have your own baby spend the whole day with someone else’s child.

Remember that feeling of relief you had when you returned the baby to its owner? Yeah, you’ll never have that again. There is nobody to return anything to.

Ever seen a birthing video before?

Please go and watch one then come back and tell us if you still want to have a baby.

Now that you are done with this list do you still want a baby?

Yeah, we didn’t think so.

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