This Is For Everyone Who Can’t Wait For Christmas

December 2, 2018
It’s the 2nd of December and Christmas lovers all over the world have begun counting down to Christmas Day. Although if you are a true Christmas lover we are pretty sure you’ve been counting down since the beginning of the year. This one is for everyone who is just as excited as we are for Christmas.

First of all, you can’t understand why the holiday doesn’t start from December 1st.

As far as you are concerned the whole month should be dedicated to Christmas, not just the 25th.

You still get as excited as you used to when you were a kid, when you see Christmas decorations anywhere.

excited campus
Even though you now know that those decorations can cost more than your salary.

This is you anticipating the arrival of all your friends and loved ones who always come back for Christmas.

Your Christmas just can’t be complete without them.

You spend an unreasonable amount of time searching for Christmas deals and sales so you can enjoy your Christmas to the fullest.

Because it’s Christmas season doesn’t mean you are not still broke.

This is going to be you in January because you know your December rocks budget is going to ruin your bank account.

You’ve already accepted your fate, it’s not as if you’ll die.

Hearing people say Christmas as an adult is boring but you can’t relate because you fully intend to turn up.

Boring where, please?

You buying yourself Christmas gifts because this is how your friends reacted when you asked for Christmas gift.

You’ll sha buy yourself gift.

You have Christmas parties lined up for every weekend till the end of January.

In fact, the parties will be every day once your office should close.

You also celebrate Christmas Eve and Boxing Day.

Because people need to realize that Christmas is not just on the 25th.

When you realize that you don’t really have money for Christmas decorations.

But will that stop you from buying Christmas tree? No it won’t.

When your boss at work tries to ask you to work on Christmas day.

Or even any day that week.

When you hear people saying they only remembered it was Christmas season when they started seeing the decorations.

What sort of disrespect is that?

When you are telling you friends about the Christmas clothes you got and they tell you “At your big age you are still buying Christmas cloth”.

Christmas cloth doesn’t have age limit. Plis dear.

This is you judging people who are just putting their Christmas playlist together.

Your own Christmas playlist has been ready since July.

When you come to the realization that your bank account won’t really let you enjoy Christmas the way you want to.

You’ll still sha manage. After all, garri cake is still cake.

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