So when I was in primary 2 I was in love.

Best boy!

I fell in love with one small rascal in my class, Ladi.

My boo!

Ladi was the class sweetheart. All the girls in our class were chasing him like:

Greedy girls oh! All of them!

But I was the smartest, cutest, most beautiful, amazing little girl in primary 2.

Most fabulous!

So I told him he was my boyfriend by force and he agreed.

“We must be together!”

We used to share our snacks during break time.

Every single day!

When it was time to play games we would partner with each other.

Of course, before another girl will start playing with him oh!

And we used to sit beside each other during art class.

Picasso and Van Gogh!

We were very happy.

Very very happy!

But then I was sick and had to stay at home for a few days.

A serious case of cough and cold.

When I came back from my sick bed I was in for a shock!

Hmm! You people come and see something!

Ladi my true love, was sharing his ribena and biscuit with my best friend Ireti!


I couldn’t focus when we were doing multiplication.

Who can multiply when their heart is broken?

When we were doing comprehension and composition I was still in shock.

How could they do that to me?

For 3 days I could not watch cartoons or play outside.

I was just thinking about my life!

But then two Saturdays after, at a birthday party, I won the dancing competition and Ireti was crying because she lost so I was happy!

I am still the queen!


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