What’s the Kiki challenge?

It’s a social media dance challenge where ladies pose as church attendees or act like they’re praying and then transition into “baddies” in raunchy outfits.

Who started the Kiki challenge?

Ghanaian artiste Leftizzle kicked off the challenge in February 2023 as part of promotional efforts for a music single of the same name featuring Fuze ODG.

How to do the Kiki challenge?

First, you need two outfits: a raunchy one and a regular one. Next, start with the unassuming outfit and transition into the raunchy one when the line “But in the bed you’re freaky” comes on.

If you need more inspiration for the challenge, these entries should get you started.

She kinda ate

Black is beautiful

What a transition

Okay now

Heavy on the Brown skin girl energy

It’s giving wrong location 



I thought she was a Good girl oh.. No be small Freaky side boi3 🤦‍♂️ #kikichallenge #viral

♬ Kiki – Leftizzle & Fuse ODG

It’s giving music video

The camera angle could use more work

Where is the bed?

This one is just for the laughs

How are social media users reacting?

Entries from the challenge have stirred mixed reactions, with some social media users noting that the challenge is disrespectful to Christianity.

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