We Ranked Every Indomie Flavour In Nigeria

January 30, 2019

A lot of people might think it’d be Jollof rice, but Indomie noodles is the official food of all Nigerians. It’s in almost every home, supermarket, and corner shop on every street. Indomie is so widely popular in Nigeria it might as well have its own passport. Which is ironical because it’s not even originally made in Nigeria. But then again, what is?

Starting off with just the original flavour, over the years Indomie has experimented and played around with adding different twists to their very first flavour. Some we loved, some we hated, some died very quick painless deaths. Here’s every Indomie flavour ranked.

Indomie Jollof – Discontinued

I trolled the internet for hours looking for evidence that Indomie Jollof was ever made. And finally, I found it; a tweet from 2012 with pictorial evidence that Indomie thought they could exploit Nigerians love for jollof rice with a Jollof flavoured Indomie.

Even though the brand has tried its best to erase this flavour from the memories of Nigerians, my taste buds will never forget this culinary mess it was. This is a perfect time to call out people who put stew in their Indomie. Hope everything is well at home?

Its been about 6 years since I had it but I remember it clear as yesterday that it tasted exactly like sorrow, tears and blood.  And I doubt anyone will protest when I say that this was the worst flavour ever created.

Indomie Instant Cup – Discontinued

This wasn’t exactly a flavour, and I remember it only came in the original chicken flavour. But my spirit could never be at ease if I didn’t mention what a disaster this was.

The goal of the instant cup was noble; an even quicker way to make Indomie for lazy asses like me who think the ten minutes it takes cooking it is just too much work. With the cup noodles, all you had to do was pour in hot water, put your seasoning, cover and wait three minutes. The result was always either a soggy mess or semi-raw noodles, never an in-between.

Indomie Chicken Pepper Soup

The idea behind the Chicken Pepper Soup flavour is that the noodle is consumed with a little ‘soup’ in it. Of course, Nigerians were having none of that and cooked it dry. I tried it both ways and came up with the same verdict – trash.

My problem with this flavour was my very Nigerian expectation of what pepper soup is supposed to be. Pepper soup even with noodles combined that didn’t make my eyes water and nose run gets an immediate dismissal in my books.

Indomie Oriental Fried Noodles

Just so you could deceive yourself into thinking you were somehow being healthy by eating Indomie which has low nutritional value every single day, Oriental Fried Noodles was introduced.

We were made to believe it contained dried vegetables which is apparently all it needs to be considered oriental. I don’t think anyone is quite sure what’s inside this Indomie, much like their new line – Relish (we’ll table this one’s matter another day). However what I’m sure of, is that it’s definitely not vegetables as I know it. There are some orange bits that could pass for carrots if you closed your eyes and imagined it was with all of your heart. But that’s about it.

Indomie Oriental Fried Noodles would actually not be the worst thing in the world without the plastic tasting bits trying to pass of as vegetables.

Indomie Pepper Chicken – Discontinued

Pepper Chicken was one of Indomie’s better experiments with Nigerian influenced noodles. I’m not a hundred percent sure Indomie Pepper Chicken was discontinued, but it is not one of the flavours listed on Indomie Nigeria’s website. I also haven’t seen it in any market aisles for a minute now. What’s most confusing about the fact that this flavour is no longer available is the fact that they still continue to make a flavour like Chicken Pepper Soup.

Indomie Chicken Flavour

For many people, seeing the original chicken flavour coming in second on this list is blasphemy. But I’m standing by it, come and beat me.

The original chicken flavour will always be an OG. Some of our fondest memories tied to Indomie were made with this flavour.  Like this ad.

Indomie Onion Chicken Flavour 

Introduced several years too late after the original flavour was, Indomie Onion Chicken flavour reigns supreme on my list of Indomie noodles ranked.

It’s spicier than the original flavour but doesn’t overload your taste buds with strange spices like the Jollof. And by far the greatest Indomie flavour ever created.

I’ll take this moment to address people who throw away the seasoning oil they put in it. It’s people like you that use your own hand to deny yourself of enjoyment. The seasoning oil is what makes the Onion Chicken flavour the greatness that it is. So if you’ve been throwing it away and never really liked this flavour, that right there is the reason.

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