Ten Cooking Hacks Only Your Nigerian Mum Could Have Taught You

January 2, 2019
It’s no debate that Nigerian mums are one of a kind, so is their style of parenting. Only a Nigerian mum would be able to find something you’ve been searching for, for 2 hours in two minutes. Only a Nigerian mum could also have taught you these cooking tips.

How to remove a hot pot from the top of the cooker with your bare hands and not get burned.

Only God knows how many times you burned your fingers trying to learn this one.

How to use your eye to gauge that you’ve put enough salt in the soup before you even taste it.

Only a Nigerian mum will be able to cook fire jollof rice when she is fasting and can’t put any food in her mouth.

How to make use of every drop of groundnut oil no matter what it was used to fry.

Throw away groundnut oil in whose house? If it’s dodo you keep it for another dodo, if it’s chicken you use it to make stew, if it’s fish you can still use it for fish stew.

How to use your sixth sense to know that the food you are cooking is done.

No need to open the pot or taste it, they’ll just tell you Sola put off that stew in ten minutes.

Not to ever in your life throw stock water away.

Even if it’s stock water from gizzard you must keep it.

How to put just the right amount of water in beans or rice when you are boiling it.

It’s never too much or too little it’s always just enough.

How to fry chicken, turkey or fish and dodge the oil splashes like a pro.

If oil still splashes on you when you are frying then you must be a learner.

How to tell which pineapple will be sweet and which one won’t just by looking at it.

Not even just pineapple, any fruit at all.

How to tell if food is about to go bad before mere humans can tell.

Your mum will tell you that your food will go bad in an hour if you don’t eat it and in exactly one hour that food will spoil.

What other cooking hacks did your Nigerian mum teach you?

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