10 of Our Favorite Street Foods Out Of Nigeria

September 10, 2015

For the benefit of our readers that might not have had the privilege (yes, privilege) of sampling most of the amazing street foods Nigeria has to offer, we made a list of our favorites, that have rightfully become staples in most of our diets.

1. Corn and Ube (African Pear)

The corn could either be boiled

…or roasted. 

Both are seriously awesome, and the ube is a necessity.

2. Boli (Roasted Plantain)

The Boli is either served with peppered sauce and fish (Port Harcourt Style).

…or with groundnut (Lagos style).

To be completely honest, PH style is way better.

3. Ewa Agoyin

This is specially prepared beans served with really spicy stew.

paired with Agege bread, of course.


4. Okpa

This is an eastern delicacy made of bambara nut flour.

It’s really delicious.

5. Akara (Beans cake)

These are deep fried beans ball made out of  grounded beans mixed with pepper, onions and other spices.

It’s heaven with pap (that’s a whole other story).

6. Suya

This is barbecued meat, fish or chicken.

A man arranges sticks of meat on a mud platform for roasting in the ancient city of Kano 19 April, 2007. Roasted meat on sticks popularly known as 'Suya' is a common delicacy in northern Nigeria. AFP PHOTO PIUS UTOMI EKPEI

We think it goes best with garri, but that’s just us.

7. Abacha (African Salad)

It’s made primarily with dried shredded cassava.

8. Moin Moin

This is cooked bean pudding made out of grounded peeled beans, onion and other spices.

Moin Moin

You could either get it wrapped in a leaf or a plastic bag. The one in the leaf is usually better.

9. Puff Puff

This is a deep-fried snack made out of flour, sugar and yeast.

Puff Puff

Sigh! So beautiful.

10. Kokoro

This is a deep-fried snack made from a paste of maize flour mixed with sugar and cassava or yam flour.

The crunchy goodness.

You can find most of them almost anywhere, a few of them might require some deeper searching, but they are all worth it. Now, don’t forget to share to  make your friends and followers hungry.

Featured Image: Nigerian Food Channel

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