Why would you only have one good thing when you could have two? Why only have one food when you can have two? Okay, not have two. But combine two. Prepare yourself for some awesome food combinations right here:

1. Gala + (Cold) LaCasera


Also known as traffic food. There’s just so much beauty in these two. So much beauty. I’m crying.

PS: Hot LaCasera WILL have the opposite effect.

2. Agege bread + (Hot) Akara


Nothing beats this on a Saturday morning. NOTHING.

3. Garri + Groundnuts + Cold water


Where my boarding school people at? How many times did this save you?

4. Fried Yam and Akara


Another great Saturday morning bailout. Consume while hot.

5. Roasted corn and pear


One of the classics.

6. Boli and ground nut


This is an important contribution to Nigeria and I’d like to eat it again right now.

7. Pap and Akara

Goes without saying that the pap AND the Akara should be hot. Then we’re good. Obvs.

8. Yam & Plantain


Would. Eat. Immediately.

9. Ewa agoyin + Agege bread


See, this meal intimidates me with how good it is. Ahan! Is it only you!

10. Eko and Moin moin


First time I had this meal, I looked at the eko like: I didn’t know you had it in you!

11. Guguru and Ekpa

Thanks to @Tonianni

12. Garri and Suya

Thanks to @lordbanks

13. Yam and Egg Sauce

Thanks to @lordbanks

When you eat any of these meals, we guarantee your facial expression will be:


No, seriously. For every meal.

Which ones have you tried? Which ones will you try? Which ones will you recommend? Share this with your friends to find out!

NOTE: We reserve the right to add to this list at any time because we uncover perfect Nigerian foods every day.


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