We see that a lot of you unadventurous people like to slander food that you’ve not even tried.  The one that has been happening for the longest time is the slander of pizza toppings, so we’ve decided to address that today. You might think the toppings we’ve mentioned below are weird, but they’re actually amazing when you give them a chance. 


This shouldn’t even be uncommon, plantain goes great with everything, and that includes pizza. Not just any kind of plantain, sha. You know that soft soggy one? That’s a top tier pizza topping right there, if you disagree, argue with your oven. 


We admit that we were a bit worried when we heard about pineapple toppings.  That changed when we tried it, and we never looked back because of how good it tastes.  Pineapple on a pizza gives it this sweet tropical feeling. If you want to travel to Hawaii but can’t afford an actual trip, just order Domino’s Chicken Bali pizza and thank us later. 


Suya is elite, and you don’t even need us to tell you that this topping bangs. If you’ve had suya inside shawarma or suya inside a burger and liked it, suya as a pizza topping is ten times better. 

Chicken pie filling

Only Dominos would make a pizza with chicken pie filling as a topping because they know the good things of life. That’s all we’re going to say. 

Meat balls

Do you really need us to tell you why this particular topping is amazing? Have you ever tried a meatball sandwich before? They’re quite uncommon in Nigeria but a pizza with meatballs as toppings is the closest thing to it, and it is heavenly! 


This is a new flavour that Dominos just released, and honestly, we don’t know what was going through the mind of the person who suggested this as a new flavour or how it was approved, but we’re thankful because it tastes amazing! Just when we thought it couldn’t get better than catfish pepper soup, we got catfish pizza.  

It’s World Pizza Day, and to celebrate that, our faves, Dominos Pizza is offering the best deals on their pizzas! They recently released a new flavour; the catfish pizza, and yeah we know, it sounds like a weird flavour, but trust us when we tell you it tastes better than it sounds.

Medium Catfish Pizza + Spicy Catfish: Medium Catfish Pizza + 50cl Coke is available from N3900 in all Domino’s Pizza branches

Send a catfish pizza to a single friend while at it, let them enjoy the month of love too!


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