14 Beautiful Pictures Of Northern Nigeria The Media Never Shows You

November 7, 2015
Over the past decade, whenever a news story on Northern Nigeria is released, it almost always features  images of Boko Haram’s destruction or images highlighting poverty and extremity. But there is so much beauty that the media just doesn’t show us and these images captured by  Editi Effiòng prove that Northern Nigeria just might be the most underrated tourist location for travel lovers. Check out some of Editi’s shots below.

The absolute beauty of Gubi Lake in Bauchi.

This perfect picture of the game trail at Yankari National Park that captured butterflies basking in the sunlight.

This picture taken underwater at the Wikki warm spring that shows it’s possible for Nigerian waters to be clean, clear and blue.

This serene shot of Wikki warm spring.

Blue sky and blue water at Gubi lake in Bauchi.

This image that beautifully captured the vegetation and mountains at Dass, Bauchi.

The picturesque landscape at Fufore, Adamawa.

The heart-stopping sunset in Bauchi.

The architecture of the 2nd Babban Gwani in history, built in 1869 for the Emir of Bauchi.

More stunning shots of Gubi Lake.

This breathtaking view.

This image that captures the true definition of untamed wild beauty.

The sky at Dass in Bauchi after a night of rainfall.

So, thinking of planning a holiday? Maybe Northern Nigeria isn’t such a bad idea.

All images by Editi Effiòng.

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